Tabernacle Christian Centre:

Tabernacle Christian Centre was pioneered mid 1998 as a home group. In the first months the foundation was laid solely by prayer, intercession and worship. At the end of that year we started with Sunday evening services.

The official opening took place on Sunday, June 6th 1999.
It was a memorable [read more]


Ivo Koning:

From a very young age Ivo was searching for a deeper relationship with the Lord. God oftentimes spoke with him and was always faithful. Having been raised a catholic he seriously considered becoming a priest but the Lord had a different way. While going through college the Lord saved him in a personal experience that changed his life, early 1994.

Finding a wonderful church [read more].


Annerieke Koning:

Annerieke had the privilege of growing up in church. Being raised in a Christian home she has known the Lord all her life. Still the choice to accept Him as her personal Lord and Savior was also hers to make. She did when she was a teenager and has served the Lord ever since.

Annerieke is gifted with [read more]


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