family day

Dear friends,

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all international and domestic students that have chosen to study at Tilburg University.

This academic year will offer you new friendships, new goals and new challenges and that's all very exciting. While you are adapting and getting acquainted and browsing your possibilities, it is good to know that some things are the same all around the world.

If you are used to going to a good church at home and you wonder whether that is also possible here, Or if you have never gone to a church, but you are ready for a challenge and to meet lots of young people in a very positive environment.

Then you need to check this:
In our lively international church, more than 15 nationalities are represented. All these different cultures and backgrounds have one thing in common: We worship the Lord Jesus Christ together in a spirit of unity. Good Bible based Word ministry, Worship, Music, fellowship and friendship etc.

We heartily invite you to come and worship the Lord with us.

Every Sunday, 11.00 am.

Check out our website for all details concerning address, route description and the rest of the agenda (All meetings in English and Dutch):  www.tcctilburg.com
Or call us on:  06-41874840

Be blessed,
Pastor Ivo Koning
Senior Pastor of Tabernacle Christian Centre in Tilburg

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